This is an original gas tank out of a 1967 Corvette convertible C2 it comes with the filler neck, overflow boot and nipple and has the O L Anderson logo there are no dents or leaks, And came off a running car 3 months ago, if youve priced a new one then you know this is a deal.8o5 6o7 4o2o thanks
Condition: Used Here is a short block that was most likely sold over the counter as a factory replacement block for a 1962-67 Corvette, 1967 Camaro or Chevelle with special high performance small journal 327. It has never been stamped. The casting date is October 8th, 1966. It is standard bore with a slight ridge and is apparently never been rebuilt. The coolant passages are in good condition w...
Condition: Used Here is a long block for a 390hp or 400hp 1967 427 Corvette or Impala with 385hp 427. This was a good running engine when pulled to replace for a matching engine. The block is dated September 6th, 1966. The heads are dated August 13th and September 15th, 1966. This originally came out of a passenger car. It has been decked a slight amount. The cylinders are standard bore with no...
Condition: Used Here is a pair of winters aluminum heads for a 1968-9 Camaro L89, 1968-9 Corvette L88/L89, and 1969 Chevelle L89. They are dated October 13th and November 30th, 1967. They have no damage or repairs. The intake and exhaust ports are stock. They both have prominent surface ledges. Free shipping applies only to the 48 contiguous U.S. If you are outside that region, call or message ...
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