Condition: Used Here is a bare block for a 1957 Corvette with a 270hp 283ci. motor with 2x4, high lift cam, and manual transmission. The assembly date is October 16th, '56 and the casting date of the block is October 11th, '56. The cylinders are .120" over in good condition with almost no ridge. The coolant passages are nice with just surface rust, no pitting. Free shipping applies only to the ...
Condition: Used Here is a pair of 3740997 cylinder heads for a 1957 Chevrolet Corvette all engines except the 283hp fuelie or Bel Air with 245hp and 270hp dual quads. They are both dated January 28th, 1956. The intake and exhaust ports are stock. They both have a prominent surface ledge, even after looking like they've been surfaced. The coolant passages aren't pitted. They have been magnafluxe...
Condition: Used Here is a trap door oil pan for a 1957-1962 Corvettes with solid lifter engines. There are no modifications, damage, or repairs that I am aware of and the drain plug is original. The trap door swings freely. Free shipping applies only to the 48 contiguous U.S. If you are outside that region, call or message me and I will get you a quote. -Joe (805) 929-3910
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